here's a doozy

by trendy dog with sunglasses

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Taransko Lyrically on par with any band I claim to be an impact on me, but no such relatable grip is apparent. The first two track's lyrics felt like poetry that just happened to have melody, both distracting me from the other, unable to enjoy both fully.

Something about "surprisingly" though, I can't really put a finger on why I enjoy this song so much, other than it felt inspired from general emotion than strict personal feelings.

Am excited for more songs though, keep it up. Favorite track: surprisingly.
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3 songs i wrote and decided to put out there for my birthday
happy birthday to me, lads


released April 28, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: yeah you're gonna hear this a lot
it's been lonely sitting here,
at times i wish i was dead
i've never been a calm one
til i sleep in my bed

well maybe if i tried for once,
contribute to society
instead of staying up all night
with thoughts that always frighten me

the mirror's always shown
a sack of shit staring back at it;
no clearer way i could describe
the self esteem im lacking in

so i'll avoid my problems,
cry about them on a blogging page
'cause who would take me seriously
i'm only at this fucking age

well i don't know what's out there
or if i should even bother
i've sitting at the bottom
anchored, drowning underwater, but

it's a long damn way from here

now it's times like these i sit around,
i'm waiting for a miracle
so by the time i grow up
i won't be so goddamn miserable

and maybe i could stop
and not depend on other people
Track Name: bread bowls (the four chord song)
ill never forget my first part time job
where tables were a mess and the lines were long
i whined and i complained but i was thankful
regardless of the mess id say i was pretty grateful

the ones in charge, i guess, were pretty alright
and none of them really gave me a hard time
except there was one who was about my age
she ended up okay in the end

i guess i wasnt lonely in those four months
i wasnt left out of anything-- for once
i guess i could say it was worth the free coffee
but people have to move up eventually you see

thank god for the bread bowls for pulling me through
thank god for the bread bowls for pulling me through
Track Name: surprisingly
i dreamed of a time
where my hands werent so tired
i painted for hours, for hours
til i dropped

the morning on that day i walked to the park
and the swingsets were falling, were falling apart
self-conciously i went and sat at the bench
and i thought

where would i rather be
than here